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Monday, July 7, 2008

Travelers' Sickness?

Today I had intended to write about Mokkatum, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow or maybe just later today. This morning I'm recovering.

Last night I thought I was experiencing my first ever bout of travelers' sickness. This morning my husband informed me that my symptoms were more consistent with food poisoning. We think it was the cheese or the sandwich meat from lunch. I was fine most of the day yesterday, but around 6pm, I started feeling a little queasy. I was talking to my mom over Skype at the time, and I deliberately hid the queasiness from her; you know how moms worry (sorry, Mom, but it's true). As soon as we had hung up, I went to the bathroom. I spent the rest of the night either in the bed or in the bathroom.

My husband was wonderful. He brought cold wet towels for my face and neck; he took out the trash after each and every bout of vomiting; he reminded me to drink my water mixed with electrolytes (although I resisted that one; I didn't want anything in my stomach).

I scared him to death at one point. I had gone to the bathroom. He heard a crash and then nothing. He found me in the bathroom, passed out, but having apparently hit my head on the tub on the way down. I think we've agreed that I passed out because I had been resisting the electrolytes too well, but neither of us are doctors so who knows?

I'm definitely better now. I'm eating Cheerios (no milk) and saltine crackers. As soon as I finish my green tea (I need caffeine but coffee probably isn't a good idea right now), I'll drink another bottle of water mixed with electrolytes, then switch to pure water for the rest of the day. I'll spend today probably lounging around reading and watching DVDs (no satellite TV yet).

So the Mokkatum post will have to wait. I'm heading back to the couch.

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