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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not Much

Going on, that is.

I realized that I haven't posted anything in over a week, and I'm trying to do better about not disappearing for long periods of time, so I thought I'd pop in with an update.

I haven't posted anything lately because there hasn't been that much going on. I'm about 10 weeks along now, with no major problems. I haven't even had any morning sickness, although I do feel a queasiness that comes and goes throughout the day, sometimes slight and sometimes not-so-slight.

My daily routine has pretty well established itself: I get up shortly after 7a.m. to feed the cats, then go back to bed, getting up again around 9. I laze around the house, waiting for my daily dose of energy to arise, eating breakfast and reading online until 11 or so. I get a shower. Then I have a brief productive period--at least as productive as it gets nowadays--when I do laundry, the dishes, and sometimes sweep the floors. Then the exhaustion kicks in again, and I sit. I may read, watch TV, or get on the computer, but it's nothing productive. I try to cook dinner when Jeff comes home ... but as often as not, he walks in the door, takes one look at me, and asks what I want to order for dinner. We eat dinner, watch a little TV, and I'm in bed again sometime between 9 and 10. I wake up four or five times a night to go to the bathroom. Then I get up around 7 to feed the cats, go back to bed until around 9, etc etc.

I feel very lazy. But I'm just so tired--I don't have the energy to actually *do* anything. I don't know how women do it who work outside the home during their first trimesters, or who already have children who need to be cared for, or who can't afford to hire help around the house. People keep telling me that I'll get my energy back in a few weeks. I can't wait.

Of course, there are days when I do have to do something. I have to get up early to go in to the health unit for an appointment, or I have to go to the commissary. Over the weekend, we actually had friends over for a game afternoon--we played Settlers of Catan, which is a really fun game that never gets old. On days when I have to get up early, I take a nap around lunchtime, when the workers renovating the apartment downstairs take their lunch/prayer breaks. On days when I have things going on in the afternoon, I just don't do laundry or anything else. But overall, I'm spending my days in the apartment, doing what I feel like I can do, and waiting to get my energy back.

I also realized that by the time I need maternity clothes, I won't have time to wait for them to arrive from the States, and I really have no idea where to buy special size maternity clothing here (I'm on the large side even without the soon-to-come pregnancy belly). So Jeff and I agreed that I should go ahead and order some stretchy pants, in a size larger than I actually wear, so that my in-between regular and maternity pants are here whenever I need them. The plan is that we'll order maternity pants the day I first need my stretchy pants. They arrived yesterday--now I'm wondering if I'll even need maternity pants, with as big as they are already, and stretchy too. We also ordered a few maternity shirts to have on hand for when the time comes. They shipped a couple of days ago, so they should be here within a few weeks. It would be nice to know that I could just go out to the mall and find things as I need them, but living overseas makes it more difficult to do that. Jeff suggested that I could just go traditional Egyptian in my dress during the pregnancy--I probably could find appropriately sized gallabeyyas and/or abayas. But I'd rather wear clothing that I'd feel comfortable in even once I go back to the States for the birth.

So that's what's going on with me. I'm spending lots of time lying around, trying to plan ahead for things that could sneak up on us. We're also planning to go on a Nile cruise in February--one we'd already booked before we got pregnant--so I'm really hoping that the exhaustion lifts before then. (And for the worry-warts, my embassy doctor has already approved the trip; we'll talk at my next visit about the things I should avoid or be careful of, but she has no problem with me going.)

And now it's 11:30, so I need to go get my shower. Computer time ran long this morning ... but since I'm still yawning, I'm not sure how much productive time I'm going to get today anyway.


  1. Sounds like a typical 1st trimester to me : ) Enjoy it, and I love your plan for the maternity clothes. Living overseas definitely has it's challenges, doesn't it?

    Still praying for a healthy pregnancy! Hope the energy returns soon, but meanwhile - don't feel lazy. You're not doing nothing, you're gestating! Growing a baby is hard work! : )

  2. Don't feel bad about resting so much... You need it. And honestly in my last pg I did work and with this one I have a 2 year old... and it still happens. I remember passing out on the floor at work during my breaks last time (and being in a daze the rest of the time there)... and this one things have slipped (rather badly) here at the house. It didn't help that I ended up becoming anemic this time either though... I'm finally getting that straightened out and getting to work on fixing things here, but its awful.

    Anyways, don't worry it'll pass... enjoy resting now. And that's great about how little "morning sickness" you have. I had awful all day sickness (borderline hypermesis last time) both pg's. So glad that's over now lol.

  3. "I don't know how women do it who work outside the home during their first trimesters, or who already have children who need to be cared for, or who can't afford to hire help around the house."

    No kidding!!!! I actually wasn't so bad my 1st trimester, but my mind has been so distracted this ENTIRE pregnancy... I feel like the worst employee ever! Thankfully, my boss is super understanding :) Most women I know say that they would take naps during their lunch break during the 1st trimester.

    You do get more physical energy in the 2nd trimester (I think for me it was around 14 weeks or so), however you will still feel distracted so I didn't feel this sense of relief. I will say - being 35 weeks along now - I wish I knew to set things up earlier... I am so big and basically wish that I got everything out of the way by 30 weeks. (I know, long way to go, but I REALLY wish I did this!) My mom came over x-mas break to help finish setting up my room and I physically just couldn't do much because my belly is too big! So, keep that in mind!

    The interesting thing for me with pregnancy clothes was that the pants and shirts all fit fine until about 3 weeks ago. Now, I don't have many TOPS that cover my belly properly. They just aren't long enough. Also, around 26 weeks I actually had to change my clothing size - I was small (for the most part) going into the pregnancy and ended up buying size large pregnancy pants and medium shirts (and underwear!) to accommodate my body. (I've also gained 60 pounds which doesn't help, hehehe)

    Therefore, I would plan to have at least 2 stages of clothes. The stretchy clothes really are the best, but for the warm weather, you probably want something that will breathe A LOT. The dresses may work, although I prefer pants because otherwise my thighs rub together... :(

    It's probably true that there isn't much in Egypt; my husband is amazing by all the baby stuff we have here and I certainly haven't seen anything for babies and mommies-to-be in Jordan! Hehehe - that'll be another bunch of stuff I would give his sister when she gets pregnant!

  4. Ooo I forgot about the clothes part. I LOVE yoga pants. They worked for me the entire pg last time! I did get a few pieces of maternity clothes, but still.. those are nice and they work afterwards too lol

  5. Hi! I recently found your blog, in a search for blogs of expats in Cairo. I was just in Cairo last month, and I noticed 2 or 3 "baby" stores in the mall, CityStars. They had a pretty sizeable selection of maternity clothes, as did H&M. I hope you are able to find some clothes, and congratulations on your baby!!!


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