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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Maadi Christmas Pictures

Back in the States, I'm accustomed to seeing red and green everywhere in December, as malls, homes, and businesses all decorate for Christmas. Here in Maadi . . . not quite so much. There were some places that were decorated: Maadi House, Condetti, and of course the insides of expats' homes. I didn't take pictures inside other people's homes--I didn't have my camera, and I'm not sure they'd want me posting pictures of their homes online anyway. Of course I didn't take my camera whenever we went to Maadi House or Condetti, so I can't share pictures of those decorations, pretty as they were, but I can share the pictures I took around the housing compound and out on Road 9. Enjoy!

First are some pictures of the inside of my apartment. This is the first year we decorated for Christmas, since it's the first year we actually stayed put for it. I wasn't sure last year how much space we'd have for decorations, so I didn't buy much. It turns out that it was a wise decision.

The tree was decorated only on the top half--and even then, we kept hearing rustling in the tree, a clink as the shatterproof ornament fell to the floor, and then certain adventurous kitties batting their bright and shiny ball around the floor. The kittens also are why the angel on top looks like she's about to fall off . . .

I had two strands of garland, which we used on top of the china cabinet and on the buffet. The stockings went on the china cabinet, along with a poinsettia from our neighbors. Unfortunately, my black thumb meant that we didn't get to enjoy the poinsettia on Christmas, but it was pretty while it lasted. (I promise, I did put up the bins you see beside the cabinet . . . I have got to start cleaning up before I take pictures . . .)

I put the Nativity Scene on the buffet. Baby Jesus and Joseph's lamp both enjoyed Christmas Day on display. That night, they both went back into protective custody in the drawer. They haven't made an appearance since. The kittens enjoy them too much.

My brother gave this University of Kentucky Santa to my husband, a UK alum, for Christmas . . . last year? Maybe the year before. Either way, my husband loves it, so it was displayed on our end table.

I used my Garagos plate to display some candles I bought here in Egypt. The set was displayed on my coffee table, although you can see that it got a little crowded . . . (and I say again, I really need to learn to clean up before I take pictures!)

I also put a fabric wreath on the door. It was purchased here in Egypt, at one of the Maadi Women's Guild meetings, from the Deaf Unit. The Deaf Unit is a charity that runs a vocational training center, where deaf people are taught to work with wood, metal, and sewing to make some very beautiful, high-quality furniture and home decor.

There also were some decorations outside around the compound. A few others put up wreaths, and someone put up a large inflatable snowman! There also was a poinsettia or two sitting outside doors.

Also, the housing office or the guards or someone decided to wish us all a Merry Christmas as we came off the elevators.

Out on Road 9, there weren't really decorations up for Christmas. However, there were a couple of shops that were selling Christmas trees and other decorations. Here are some trees that were available . . .

and here are a few more, as well as some garland strands.

I really wish I'd gotten pictures of Maadi House and Condetti. Maadi House was decorated nicely, and Condetti was beautiful. Oh, well, you've gotten to see a little bit of how it looks at Christmas in Maadi!


  1. Looks great! Less is more in my opinion. I don't know how my mom deals with 5 trees every year.

    Which Rd 9 stores were selling Christmas decor?

  2. You know, I have no idea what their names are. If you're walking south from the flyover, they're on your left, right at the beginning of the section that has the Radio Shack. I think at least one of them is an electrical shop. We've never shopped at one of them, and at the other, we bought a light bulb.

    Your mom does FIVE trees every year?! Hats off to her; my one little tree may stay up for a few more days--maybe until Coptic Christmas on the 7th--just because I dread putting up all the ornaments!

  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your Christmas holiday with us. Did you go anything special for New Year's?
    Looking forward to seeing you in May 2009.

  4. We went to a party at our neighbors' place on New Year's Eve. We were there from around 8:30 to 12:30, eating appetizers and drinking soft drinks, water, beer, margaritas . . . at midnight, there was champagne, and we set off these popper things that sprayed confetti everywhere. It was fun. On New Year's Day, we pretty much stayed home and recovered from being up too late the night before.


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